Ayos na ang Kasunod (2000) Full Movie

Ayos na ang Kasunod is an action-comedy-romance movie of Fernando Poe Jr, who plays the role of San Miguel beer salesman and fell in love with a beautiful, but boyish kitchenette owner portrayed by Ara Mina. Released in 2000, this FPJ movie is produced by FPJ Productions and directed by Boots Plata.

In the movie, FPJ not only tries to be friends with the seven goon-like brothers of Ara, he also had to face against a big-time syndicate that kidnapped her in exchange for ransom money. Nonetheless, the love team of Jimmy Santos and Candy Pangilinan provided the lighter side of the movie.


Ayos na ang Kasunod Cast:

Fernando Poe Jr., Ara Mina, Jimmy Santos, Candy Pangilinan, Maritoni Fernandez, Berting Labra, Tiya Pusit, Mely Tagasa, Jaime Fabregas, Romy Diaz, Paquito Diaz, and many more.

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