Nandito Ako Movie (1994)

Nandito Ako Movie is the first and only movie together of Phillip Salvador and Kris Aquino. Produced by Moviestars Productions and directed by Jose ‘Kaka’ Balagtas, this controversial action romance film led to the real-life romance between Kris and Phillip that eventually resulted to having their son, Joshua.

At the start of the movie, NBI agent Victor Villegas (Phillip Salvador) and two others posed as security guards and rode a helicopter to bring the salary of the miners. But upon arriving in the area, they learned that there is a group of robbers pretending to be among them. After an exchange of shooting, they were able to defeat the bandits.

On the other hand, Marissa (Kris Aquino) is working for a company in Bicol manufacturing stuffed toys. She later discovered that the stuffed toys are being used as carriers of illegal drugs. She reported to the NBI and Victor was assigned to investigate Later, Marissa was abducted by the drug syndicate and Victor has to save her.


Nandito Ako Movie Cast

Phillip Salvador, Kris Aquino, John Regala, Bob Soler, Andy Poe, Dencio Padilla, Willie Revillame, Bernard Bonnin, Winnie Cordero, Angelo Cometa, Pebbles de Asis, Ramil Rodriguez, Dindo Arroyo, Dinky Doo Jr, Rene Hawkins, Ramon Recto, Bernard Fabiosa, Harris Mantezo, Mike Magat, Fred Moro, and many more.

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