Relaks Ka Lang Sagot Kita Full Movie (1994)

Relaks Ka Lang Sagot Kita is an action romance movie of Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr and Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos. Produced by Moviestars Productions and Novastar Films and directed by Danilo Cabreira, this blockbuster movie earned Bong Revilla a FAMAS Best Actor Award. In this movie, Bong Revilla plays Lt. Daniel Santiago while Vilma Santos plays prosecutor lawyer Atty. Vera Villaverde.

They first met on the road when Bong and his fellow police officer accidentally bumped into Vilma’s car while rushing to a police operation. Santiago was able to capture a notorious crime syndicate leader Warlito Gan (Anthony Alonzo), who later used corrupt cops to frame-up Santiago. Villaverde was the lawyer against Santiago, and the latter lost the case. Santiago escaped from prison and took her as a hostage. The real action and unexpected romance begin.


Relaks Ka Lang Sagot Kita Cast

Vilma Santos, Ramon Bong Revilla Jr, Anthony Alonzo, Vic Vargas, Tommy Abuel, Subas Herrero, Ruby Rodriguez, Jane Zaleta, Perla Bautista, Mat Ranillo III, Manjo del Mundo, King Gutierrez, Edgar Mande, Ros Olgado, Tom Olivar, Oliver Osorio, Edwin Reyes, Vic Varrion, Nanding Fernandez, and many more.

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