Tiyanak Movie (1988)

Tiyanak Movie stars Janice de Belen, Lotlot De Leon, Ramon Christopher, and Carmina Villaroel and is about a childless woman who found an evil baby. Produced by Regal Films and directed by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes, this Pinoy horror film won 2 major awards – Best Cinematography for Eduardo Jacinto at the 1989 FAP Awards and Best Sound for Joe Climaco at the 1989 Gawad Urian Awards and had a reboot released in 2014 entitled Tyanak starring Judy Ann Santos.

Tiyanak Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Janice de Belen plays Julie, the older sister of Christie (Lotlot De Leon) and the wife of Mars (Rudolf Yaptinchay). However, the couple has still no child after Julie had two miscarriages and their third one died inside their womb 3 months before she is set to give birth. One night, Christie and her boyfriend Jojo (Ramon Christopher) found a newborn baby inside an abandoned house and she brought her to Julie’s home.

Despite the warning of their grandmother (Mary Walter) that the baby could be an evil, Julie still decided to keep the infant and treat it like her own. It is also known in their area that there were several mysterious killings, including a pregnant woman. Their young neighbor Boy (Smokey Manaloto), who saw an evil baby killing her but did not tell anyone. Later, Julie’s house was filled with terror and her adopted baby is the culprit.


Tiyanak Movie Cast

Janice de Belen, Lotlot De Leon, Ramon Christopher, Mary Walter, Chuckie Dreyfus, Carmina Villaroel, Rudolf Yaptinchay, Smokey Manaloto, Zorayda Sanchez, Bella Flores, Suzanne Gonzales, Betty Mae Piccio, Mae-ann Adonis, Eva Ramos, Bonafe Estrella, Pen Medina, Ray Ventura, Romy Romulo, Sam Brillantes, Bernard Factor Canaberal, Eugene Enriquez, Peewee Quijano, and many more.

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