Totoy Guwapo Alyas Kanto Boy Full Movie (1992)

Totoy Guwapo Alyas Kanto Boy is a 1992 action crime movie directed by Toto Natividad and produced by Moviestars Production starred by Ace Vergel who was dubbed “The Original Bad Boy of Philippine Movies”. A part two for this movie was made in 1994 entitled Kanto Boy 2: Anak ni Totoy Guapo. Ace Vergel died of a heart attack on December 15, 2007.

Totoy Guwapo Alyas Kanto Boy Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, young Totoy used to live in a brothel with his mother who hate him so much and thinks of him as bad luck so he lives his life mostly in the street especially when his mother left him. He befriends with two boys and a girl. He was recruited to be one of the street children who begs for money and steals stuff. Totoy (Ace Vergel), Jordan (Rez Cortez) and Morris (Bembol Roco) grew up together and became street gangsters who protects street childrens and fought guys who tries to own the street. Morris became envious with Totoy’s power and girlfriend and became violent. He had a fight with Totoy later on and unfortunately Totoy was captured by the police and Morris escaped.

In prison, Totoy met his sidekick (Willi Revillame) who always sticks with him. Roldan (Roldan Aquino) who they once stole from knew where Totoy is and pay Boy Damo/Mayor (Johnny Delgado) to kill him inside the prison. Totoy instead kill Boy Damo and escaped with his sidekick during their prison transfer and went to Nerissa’s place. They also inform Totoy’s other friend, Jordan, about Morris’ betrayal. Meanwhile, Morris partnered with Roldan to kill Totoy. Totoy visits his mother and introduced himself in which his mother acknowledged. His mother was then sent to the hospital where Roldan plan his revenge. Morris also kidnaps Nerissa and raped him. They also tortured Jordan and kill both of them after. Totoy promise justice for all of his loved ones and kill Roland and Morris once and for all.


Totoy Guwapo Alyas Kanto Boy Movie Cast

Ace Vergel, Bembol Roco, Efren Reyes Jr, Johnny Delgado, Aurora Sevilla, Shiele Ysrael, Willie Revillame, Rez Cortez, Max Alvarado, Roldan Aquino, Ruel Vernal, Renato Del Prado, Zandro Zamora, Daria Ramirez, Tom Olivar, and many more.

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