Uubusin Ko Ang Lahi Mo Movie (1991)

Uubusin Ko Ang Lahi Mo is an action drama movie starring Phillip Salvador as Lt. Peping Guerrero, a dedicated cop whose godfather will be the greatest challenge in his career. Produced by Moviestars Productions and directed by Pepe Marcos, this Phillip Salvador earned as FAP Best Supporting Actor Award for Eddie Gutierrez.

The movie starts with the christening of Peping when he was still baby and Mayor Placido Canonigo (Eddie Gutierrez) was his godfather. During the reception, the mayor requested Peping’s father (Robert Arevalo) to tell his brother Amado not to run against him in the coming election. But on the same day, Amado was ambushed and killed.

When Peping grew up and became a cop, his father is being convinced to run for mayor against Canonigo, who is being accused of being corrupt and doing illegal activities in their province. One day, Peping and his girlfriend Helen (Maricel Laxa) visited their province. And as the events turn out, he and his godfather will be mortal enemies.


Uubusin Ko Ang Lahi Mo Movie Cast

Phillip Salvador, Eddie Gutierrez, Maricel Laxa, Michael De Mesa, Robert Arevalo, Dencio Padilla, Benedict Aquino, Marita Zobel, Kevin Delgado, Atoy Co, Eric Francisco, Cathy Mora, Pinky Roces, Johnny Vicar, Zandro Zamora, Rommel Valdez, Madel Locsin, and many more.

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