My Darling Domestik Movie (1989)

My Darling Domestik is a 1989 Filipino comedy film and one of the projects were comedy superstars Dolphy and Babalu work together. Directed by Jett C. Espiritu, My Darling Domestik was not only a commercial success but also became popular several years later after its initial release.

My Darling Domestik Summary

The story is about a man (Dolphy) who lost drive and directions in life. He went on drinking spree and lost his job. A friend employed him as automotive shop assistant but everything he touches turns into a disaster until he met someone and fell in love with here. He then saw hope and become more focused in regaining himself again.


My Darling Domestik Cast

Dolphy, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Eric Quizon, Panchito, Alou Camua, Babalu, Bomber Moran, Luz Valdez, Raymond Tan, Protacio Dee, Teroy de Guzman, Babalina, Sauro Cotoco, Juliet Uy , Conde Ubaldo

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