The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin Movie (2011)

The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin Movie stars Vice Ganda as a hero gay soldier. Produced by Star Cinema and VIVA Films, this Wenn V. Deramas action comedy film is the first Filipino film to surpass the P300 million mark in the box office and once became the highest grossing Filipino film of all time. And because of this, it has a sequel entitled The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin, which also became the highest grossing Filipino film of all time.

The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Vice Ganda plays Benjamin “Benjie” Santos VIII, a gay man who lives with his parents and two sisters Jesamine (Angelie Urquico) and Anjamin (Abby Bautista). He came from a clan of soldiers, and he is a grandson of Gen. Benjamin “Benjie” Santos VII (Eddie Garcia), who expects him to be also joining the army someday. When Gen. Santos learned that Benjie is gay, he described him as a disgrace to their family.

One day, a group of terrorists started a civil war in the country and abducted Gen. Santos. Every man in a family is now being expected to join the army to help protect the country. But because Benjie’s is already old, he took his place and left his family to join the army training. There, he pretended to be a man but could not help but like his commander Brandon Estolas (Derek Ramsay). What will Benjie do now?


The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin Movie Cast

Vice Ganda, Eddie Garcia, Derek Ramsay, Jimmy Santos, Vandolph Quizon, DJ Durano, Kean Cipriano, Dennis Padilla, Nikki Valdez, Carlos Agassi, Malou de Guzman, Rubi Rubi, Ricky Rivero, Tutti Caringal, Tatsi Jamnague, Aaron Ricafrente, James Andrew Wolff, Jojit Lorenzo, Angelie Urquico, Abby Bautista , Anja Aguilar, Flora Gasser, Eagle Riggs, with special participation of Luis Manzano, Angelica Panganiban and Yam Concepcion.

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