Siya’y Nagdadalaga Full Movie (1997)

Siya’y Nagdadalaga is a 1997 Filipino film starring Aya Medel, Isko Moreno, and Sabrina M. Produced by Amaritz Films and directed by Neal “Buboy” Tan, this drama movie features the story of a young girl who dreams of escaping her miserable life in the province. Siya’y Nagdadalaga is rated 18 by MTRCB during the peak of daring films during ’90s

Siya’y Nagdadalaga Movie Plot

The character of Elisa, played by Aya Medel, is a beautiful adolescent who is just beginning to experience the true meaning of life and love. Luis, played by Isko Moreno, is Elisa’s love interest. He is portrayed as a good-looking young man who is deeply in love with Elisa, despite the temptations from other women. Together, they plan to leave the province and have a better future in the city.

Before finding true love and happiness, Elisa goes through a lot of pain and suffering in the hands of her stepfather and from the nasty people of her town. Abused and betrayed, Elisa bravely confronts her enemies. With the help of her mother, who finally found the courage to fight for her daughter, Elisa is able to get justice for herself, at last.


Siya’y Nagdadalaga Movie Cast

Aya Medel, Isko Moreno, Sabrina M., Rey “PJ” Abellana, Pen Medina, Elizabeth Oropesa, Ray Ventura and many more.

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