Bullet Full Movie (1999)

Cesar Montano leads a great cast in this 1999 Tagalog action flick. He demonstrates his creative skills as co-writer, director, and star which adds some interesting elements into the film. Montano stars with future wife Sunshine Cruz who he will team up with again in the film “Ligalig.” Bullet is produced by VIVA Films’ Vic del Rosario Jr.

Bullet Movie Plot

Action star Cesar Montano plays the title role of idiot-savant Perfecto Campiones Jr., also known as Bullet.

As the son of an ex-cop (Cris Vertido), Bullet learned how to handle a gun and exhibited the makings of a marksman. His father entered him in a shooting competition where he defeated the reigning Philippine champion. Although he had the mind and disposition of an autistic child, he possessed the eyes of a deadly sharpshooter.

Bullet and his young cousin accidentally film syndicate thugs as they executed a Japanese kidnap victim. After recognizing the eyewitnesses, the syndicate puts out an order to track them down and eliminate them.

With the killers hot on their trail, Bullet stumbles upon Mabel (Sunshine Cruz), an undercover cop who is on a mission to infiltrate the syndicate and capture its members. In the meantime, the murder gang finds out that their witnesses are being harbored by Mabel.

Mabel becomes an unwilling participant in the gang’s manhunt for their elusive targets. In an action-filled finale, the syndicate makes a last desperate move to ensure Bullet’s capture, and that is to hold his father hostage


Bullet Movie Cast

Cesar Montano, Sunshine Cruz, Jay Manalo, Celia Rodriguez, Amy Austria, Rommel Montano, Daniella, Rufa Mae Quinto, Jethro Dionisio, Spanky Manikan, Cris Vertido, Precious Valencia, Don Pepot, Christian Alvear, Eugene Domingo

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