Col. Billy Bibit, RAM Full Movie (1994)

Col. Billy Bibit, RAM is a 1994 biopic film directed by Eddie Mayo and written by William Mayo.

Walk in the shoes of the decorated colonel, Col. Billy Bibit, who led a string of unsuccessful coups during the presidency of then-President Corazon Aquino. This film chronicles his fresh days as a cadet to becoming the face of the Philippine Revolution of ’86

Col. Billy Bibit, RAM Movie Plot

Rommel Padilla depicted the controversial colonel, Col. Bilbastro “Billy” Bibit in this true to life action-drama film. The colonel’s involvement in the RAM (Rebolusyonaryong Alyansang Makabayan), a rightist group of military men was put on the spotlight which culminated to the colonel’s journey in becoming a hailed hero of the ’86 Philippine Revolution came with a lot of sacrifices.

He infiltrated an Air Force Command Center wherein he and his teammates forcibly commandeered a C5 aircraft. This move was critical in his pursuit to overthrow the current government. His deep-rooted principles and patriotism will be put to the test as he and his men cross paths with government forces for whom he previously served.

He along with other RAM officers stood against dictatorship and questioned the government policies that are not aligned with their principles. He orchestrated coups alongside his long brother at arms Gringo Honasan, played by Robin Padilla (Rommel’s brother). Their principle-driven brotherhood never waivered even with the failed coup attempts.

But everything came at a price. He had gained a lot of enemies along the way which put his life, his family and his men at danger. Colonel Bibit went into hiding, unfortunately, his nemesis Hadji Muhran (played by veteran actor Paquito Diaz), pursued Col. Bibit tirelessly. Their final standoff battle was placed in the limelight at the final moments of the film.

What will come of Colonel Bibit and his men? Will his pursuit for justice, honor and patriotism pay off in the end?


Col. Billy Bibit, RAM Movie Cast

Rommel Padilla portrayed Bibit brilliantly and is joined by seasoned actors, Dante Rivero, Roi Vinzon, Dan Alvaro, Lito Legaspi, Pen Medina, Dan Fernando and many more. The film was released in 1994 by Viva Films, Philippines.

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