Dahil Mahal Kita The Dolzura Cortez Story Full Movie (1993)

Dahil Mahal Kita The Dolzura Cortez Story stars Vilma Santos as Ma. Dolzura Cortez, the first Filipino AIDS victim who came out in public to tell about her life and how she acquired the AIDS virus. Produced by Octoarts Film and directed by Laurice Guillen, this Vilma Santos-Christopher de Leon movie won 6 major awards out of 11 nominations.

In the movie, Dolzura Cortez (Vilma Santos) bravely relates her life story. Here, she admitted she had so many men in her life, including a foreigner, and had children with some of them. According to Dolly, her first husband was Gardo (Nonie Buencamino), a soldier who has a first wife Elena (Jackie Aquino). At first, she agreed to live with both of them. But after six years, she left them and brought her 3 children along with her.

While working as a waitress in a pizza parlor, Dolzura met Paolo (Christopher de Leon) and they eventually became lovers. But later, Paolo disappeared from her life and Dolzura had several other relationships. One night, Dolzura collapsed on the dance floor and she learned that she already has full-blown AIDS. In a hospital, she met Paolo again, who is now an AIDS researcher, and encouraged to tell her story publicly.

Below is the complete list of awards won by The Dolzura Cortez Story:

1993 FAP Awards:

* Best Actress (Vilma Santos)
* Best Story Adaptation (Ricardo Lee)
* Best Musical Score (Nonong Buencamino)

1993 Gawad Urian Awards:

* Best Actress (Vilma Santos)
* Best Music (Nonong Buencamino)

1993 Star Awards for Movies:

* Actress of the Year (Vilma Santos)


Dahil Mahal Kita The Dolzura Cortez Story Movie Cast

Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, Charito Solis, Eula Valdez, Maila Gumila, Jackie Aquino, Mikee Villanueva, Eula Valdez, Maila Gumila, Alma Concepcion, Candy Pangilinan, Christine Bersola, Gil Portes, John Gaddi, Mia Gutierrez, Charles Tolentino, CJ Ramos, Saameer, Charlotte Lugo, Jason San Pedro, Mark Anthony Martinez, Pocholo Montes, Shamaine Buencamino, Evangeline Concepcion, Malou Crisologo, Phil Noble, Mimi Yaptiongco, Ross F. Celino Jr, The PETA Kalinangan Ensemble, and many more.

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